Freefall, by Ariela Anhelt (2010)

Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Interest level: 15 to Adult

FreefallLuke is 17 and in his last year at Briar Academy; he’s spent his high school years in residence there and enjoyed them much more than he expected to, thanks to his popular roommate Hayden. But his loyalties are torn when he is the only witness to a death that involves his best friend, and a trial awaits. This is another debut novel – the author began this novel when she was only 15. It’s a pretty impressive start. The voice is authentic; the anguish and anger Luke feels and displays are real. It’s a great book that has you covering the very final line as you read the last page, so your eyes don’t reveal anything too soon, wanting it to last just a bit longer. Simply terrific, and appealing to teens who are trying to figure out right and wrong, where the lines are and why, whom to trust and what friendship really means.
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