Plain Kate, by Erin Bow (2010)

Genre: Fantasy
Interest Level: 13 to 16
Plain KatePlain Kate is orphaned in a dystopic medieval world where magic is both respected and feared, where suspected witches are burned and ghosts drink your blood. She has to survive with only her wits, her carving tools and her love for her cat.
Pretty dark! Beautifully written, painful and even gut-wrenching at times. I really loved her writing, but I’m not a fan of fantasy, magic or talking animals, so it occasionally annoyed me. However, it made me cry at one point – wow, it's been a while since that’s happened from a book, so I’m pretty impressed by this first-time Canadian author. Won’t read it again; I’d be careful to whom I’d recommend it, but I can understand why people love it. And why they don’t.
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