The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton (2009)

Genre: General Fiction
Interest level: Adult
The Forgotten Garden This is one of my favourite books of 2011 – I came across it on a display of popular titles, and was more intrigued by the title than the cover. I ordered a copy from the library, began reading and fell in love with Cassandra, her grandmother and their story. It’s a story that spans more than 100 years, flipping back and forth between the 1910s, 2005, 1890s, 1970s, between parched Australia and Cornwall England, and between the stories of three women whose blood and lives and stories are intertwined. It’s funny, romantic, tragic. And as a children’s librarian, I was delighted with Morton’s decision to make a book of illustrated fairy tales central to the story. Her characters come to life with words and actions. I enjoyed every page, delighted in every word, and felt I’d lost a friend when it ended.
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2 thoughts on “The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton (2009)

  1. This was one of my favourites, as well. The story intrigued me from beginning to end. The setting in Cornwall attracted me initially, but the entire pattern of events was completely spellbinding. I actually purchased this book so that I could read it with no deadline and enjoy it at my leisure. Now it’s been passed on to another and continues to be shared amongst friends.

    • Thanks for posting the first comment Sandie! I loved this book – talked it up at Costco the other day too. I’m laughing about your comment that you “actually purchased” it – we library users know just what that says about how much we liked a book. (Off to figure out how to allow unmoderated comments …)

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