Cool Water, by Dianne Warren (2010)

Genre: Contemporary
Interest level: Adult
Cool WaterThis is the story of the delightful, quirky and tragic residents of Juliet, Saskatchewan, a dusty small town travellers barely notice as they speed across the Prairie landscape. Warren deftly lets her characters’ stories slowly emerge, opening like a prairie lily (did you like that? I did!) and revealing themselves to be unexpectedly beautiful. The orphaned young man who now owns the farm of his adoptive parents finds a horse, apparently abandoned. The young family struggling to survive in a land that fights you hard. The worn-out pair who slowly discover their feelings for each other. The bank manager who tries desperately to justify his decisions, to himself, his bosses and his clients. A jealous wife; an old-timer with a love for dynamite; a bumper crop of beans. And all of it coated with a dry dust, under a big, generous sky. A fine choice for the Governor-General’s award for 2010.
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