Darkfever, by Karen Marie Moning (2006)

Genre: Fantasy
Interest level: Adult
DarkfeverFirst, I’m happy to report this was my first novel read using the new Overdrive app on my little iPod touch. I borrowed it from Vancouver Public Library, downloaded it and thumbed through the e-book with ease, though it presented with more than 1000 pages, due to the small screen size. Cool! Now about the book. Not so great. The writing is painfully awful at times; so much foreshadowing (“had I only known”) I wished I’d had this for an example in Grade 10 English. But there’s something in the story that keeps you going, and so there is hope for this brash (even stupid), clothing-obsessed and vain heroine. I actually liked the plot a lot – she’s in Ireland to find out what happened to her beloved sister. Vampires, life-sucking monsters and other fantastic creatures can’t hide themselves behind glamour because Mac, it turns out, is a sidhe-seer, as was her sister. Is that why she was murdered? This is the first in the series, and despite the occasionally horrible writing (Delacourt – do you need an editor? Cause I can help.) I just might look for Book 2. Oh, and one of the monsters is a sexy beast – really. Drives women to the point of tearing off their clothes and um, releasing the pressure no matter where they are. Pretty hot scene that parks it definitely in the adult collection. I don’t read romance but if this is what the genre offers well, I can understand why they sell. Hey – she’s missing an A in her last name. Whew! Getting hot in here again.
More discussion and reviews on this novel: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/112750.Darkfever.


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