The Neuro Revolution: How Brain Science Is Changing Our World, by Zack Lynch (2009)

Genre: Nonfiction
Interest level: Adult
The Neuro RevolutionTime to feed your inner geek! After reading Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows, and attending a lunchtime learning event on leadership and the brain (way more lightweight than it sounds!), I decided to explore the topic a little more with this book. The author examines how brain scans are being used, or more importantly, are likely to be used in the future as our understanding of the brain grows. He paints a pretty positive picture at times: for example, courts being able to accurately determine guilt or innocence, based on brain imaging; neuroceuticals replacing pharmaceuticals to treat depression, anger, violence; the ability to create a better world with great trust and honesty. But he keeps walloping you with reality checks that aren’t so rosy – advertisers using scans to target specific emotions; the development of neurowarfare to replace biowarfare (a land mine that puts stealth soldiers to sleep, or a brain scan that picks out the perfect soldier). Sound far-fetched? Not the way Lynch tells it, and he does it very well, with an engaging approach and accessible language. Besides, as he points out, who could have predicted video games and handheld computers even 100 years ago?
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