The Arrivals, by Meg Mitchell Moore (2011)

Genre: Contemporary
Interest Level: Adult
The ArrivalsIs there still the category “domestic fiction”? I recall that from my years of working in Outreach Services, choosing books for home delivery. If there is, The Arrivals is firmly in that category. Meg Mitchell Moore’s first novel is like a warm blankie when you are feeling a bit down. From the first pages I was caught up in this novel of life – love, hurt, betrayal, impatience and discovery. It’s the story of Ginny and William, a couple in their 60s whose adult children, in the summer of 2008, return home with all their troubles and cares, and a boatload of demands and expectations. First Lillian and her two children, the newborn Philip and three-year-old Olivia. Then Stephen, with his expectant wife Jane and her Crackberry, and finally heartbroken Rachel. No cataclysms of nature, no quakes or car accidents, but Moore pulls you along as she describes a sweltering summer, Olivia’s pestering, the exhausting condition of bed rest, tensions between spouses, the never-ending role of the parent. Nothing at all, really, but oh so much. One caveat – an annoying underlying message that motherhood makes the woman. But heck, that’s her opinion, not mine, and I still enjoyed the writing. Besides, it’s fiction, right?
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