The Hidden, by Bill Pronzini (2010)

Genre: Mystery
Interest level: Adult
The HiddenHere’s the winter equivalent of a beach read. Bill Pronzini, the well-deserved recipient of most crime and mystery writing awards, has created a thriller set on the stormy California coast, involving a serial killer, a couple with marital problems and a houseful of dysfunctional neighbours. Other than giving us too much information at the beginning about the Coastline Killer, Pronzini lets the tension build slowly, focusing on the couple with the rocky marriage as the protagonists, using shifting perspectives to narrate the story, really a study of relationships, both good and bad. As mentioned, he reveals too much too early. A better choice might have been to skip the introduction, and instead let us wonder who the killer actually is. But if you can let the criticism go, it’s the perfect choice for a stormy afternoon in front of the fireplace with a cup or glass of whatever soothes you. If you’ve not read Pronzini’s books before, this is a good introduction. As for me, I was quite pleased with the reunion.
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