Eve, by Anna Carey (2011)

Genre: Speculative Fiction
Interest level: 14-18
EveHarlequin Romance, meet I Am Legend. Yikes. I’m a big fan of dystopic fiction. I adore disaster movies too, so maybe there’s a side of me that just needs to know humanity can survive just about anything Nature throws at us, or that we cause for ourselves. Dystopic fiction is a hot genre among the YA set, and generally I like it. Just how this one got a three-book publishing contract–in hardcover!– is beyond me. The premise is straight out of Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale: a plague has wiped out 90% of the population. Apparently this is a bad thing, and so the King decrees repopulation as fast as possible by having teen girls graduate from School not to be teachers and doctors, as they are expecting, but breeding sows. Multiple births. Exactly why we need so many babies isn’t clear, but that’s apparently fine. Not much makes sense in this book. Girls are kept away from men their entire lives (apparently so they won’t fall in love and long for marriage and, um, babies). Eve learns the truth as she prepares to graduate from School to Sowdom, and escapes her fate with classmate Arden (yes, Arden and Eve). They meet Caleb – the first man Eve has ever met, and in no time she’s admiring his biceps, his freckles, his warm eyes, his warm body, his tattooed shoulder. He saves her life, he kills and roasts their dinner, he protects them from snow and soldiers. ‘Nuff said. Don’t bother with this one, or its sequels (yup, it’s a trilogy). You’re welcome.
More discussion and reviews of this book: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9297774-eve


About Michelle Mallette
I'm just trying to keep track of the books I've read - what I liked and what isn't worth re-reading. My work as a librarian has included youth services so you'll find a wide range of interests from picture books and teen dystopia to adult sci-fi, road trip novels, and nonfiction. Comments and communication is always welcome.

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  1. Michelle Mallette says:

    Apparently there’s quite the market for dystopian romance! http://www.heroesandheartbreakers.com/blogs/2011/04/apocalypse-now-and-forever

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