The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green (2012)

Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Interest Level: 14-18
The Fault in Our StarsThis is Green’s fifth novel (including a collaboration with David Levithan for Will Grayson Will Grayson). Given he already has one Printz award (the best in fiction for young adults) for Looking for Alaska and a Printz honor citation An Abundance of Katherines, odds are good this latest offering will be in the 2013 Printz lists, and deservedly so. It’s a hilarious, heart-breaking and moving story of two teens in love, a story that asserts that no matter our differences everyone deserves to find and experience love. Hazel has Stage 4 lung cancer and has little time left. An experimental drug gives her some hope for a future, but it’s not clear how long that will be. Augustus is in remission after losing a leg to bone cancer. They meet at a cancer support group for teens and the attraction is instant.Hazel resists his attentions at first, unsure why he would be interested, and unwilling to open herself to love when, as she sees it, the end is inevitable. She turns again to her favourite book, An Imperial Affliction. “Favourite” is an understatement, actually – she’s obsessed, desperate to find out what happens next. Eager to find a connection, Gus reads the novel, and sets off to help answer the questions that plague his newfound love. Don’t take this one on the bus – laughing out loud and wiping away tears just stops apart doesn’t warm you to your fellow passengers. It wasn’t up for discussion, but with this novel John Green has cemented his place as the best new voice in YA fiction today.
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