Handbook of Indexing Techniques (4th ed), by Linda Fetters (2008)

Interest Level: Adult
Aimed at beginning indexers (I know this because it’s part of the subtitle), this handbook is a great companion to Stauber’s Facing the Text. The two are generally in agreement on most important issues around indexing (avoid classified indexing if you can, double post when it best serves the reader) though not everything, which gets you thinking about which one you agree with. As the title implies, it’s not a discussion of theory but a handbook of practice that explains the process step-by-step. Still not sure I’ll try my hand at indexing, but even so, it’s been a useful exercise in gaining a deeper understanding of both theory and practice. It makes indices even more interesting to flip through, and I feel justified in my frustration when they aren’t done well (Hot Sauce by Jennifer Trainer Thompson comes to mind).
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About Michelle Mallette
I'm just trying to keep track of the books I've read - what I liked and what isn't worth re-reading. My work as a librarian has included youth services so you'll find a wide range of interests from picture books and teen dystopia to adult sci-fi, road trip novels, and nonfiction. Comments and communication is always welcome.

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