The Peach Keeper, by Sara Addison Allen (2011)

Genre: Romance
Interest Level: Adult
The Peach Keeper This book disappointed me. I kept waiting for a little substance in the form of plot or character development, but it never came. Willa and Paxton are Southern (Georgia? One of the Carolinas?) young women who don’t seem to know how to be fully grown up, Sebastian and Colin are Southern young men who are determined to stay single and then suddenly willing to rethink that position. I won’t spoil it by telling you who hooks up with whom. The book actually opens quite strong and creepy, as invitations mysteriously appear and disappear, and the air is inexplicably filled with peaches. But the promise of a spooky, otherwordly mystery never quite gets off the ground, and instead we are left with the dissonance of star-crossed lovers who simply ignore all the hints the supernatural world is giving them. I was actually more spellbound by the fact I’d so accurately predicted what are quite obvious outcomes than by any hint of mystery or plot twist. Annoyingly, I really liked Allen’s writing. The descriptions are quite original – the lemon cream pie tang of regret, the aroma of bleach and lemons that brings to mind a grandmother’s home … I should note that there appears to be a market for Allen’s books – reviews on Goodreads indicate strong feelings of enjoyment or distaste, with little in between. I won’t quite put myself in the latter group. I did enjoy the writing at times, and it was a quick light read, but oh, it could have been so much more.

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