Mr. Flux, by Kyo McLear, illustrated by Matte Stephens (2013)

Genre: Picture Book
Interest Level: 4-8
Mr. FluxThis delightful romp into the short-lived 60s art moment known as Fluxus will be a staple for preschool and kindergarten teachers developing themes on everything from spontaneity and change to modern art. Martin lives in house on a street where everything is reliably predictable: “an unchanging street with a fixed number of trees, dogs, cats and cars.” Until Mr. Flux arrives, wearing a bowler hat, spinning toy rabbits on his record player and holding puzzle pieces that he says are bits of the sky. The illustrations are very European-looking, with odd and out-of-place elements (a rooster, carrots, and my favourite, smiling toast) providing lots of fodder for repeat readings and imaginative exploration. Children will enjoy the puzzling images (phones with cords, a tennis match on turtles) that accompany this heartwarming tale, based loosely on the artist George Marciunas, and so will parents who feel their children are a bit too wary of new things and experiences.
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