Frommer’s Prague Day by Day, by Mark Baker (2011, 2nd edition)

Genre: Nonfiction
Interest Level: Adult
Frommer's Prague Day by DayThe subtitle to this text is “18 Smart Ways to See the City” and it’s a good summary of what you’ll find in this handy little guide, about the size of a Galaxy Note. It comes with a pull-out map, but the sections are very well mapped out so you are not likely to need it. I intend to take this one along when I go to Prague so I’ll see how useful it is, but based on the research I’ve done to date, it’s one of my top picks. Baker knows Prague well, and opens the book with his 12 top moments that summarize the best places and when to visit. In the bulk of the book, three one-day tours ensure you see the highlights, and for those of us who prefer a deeper connection with cities we visit, there are four neighbourhood walks, five special-interest tours, three trips to outdoor destinations and three day-trips to take you out of the city. Eighteen ways – check! For each of these an accompanying map provides suggestions on how to get between the places to visit, clearly numbered on the map and matched to detailed entries including photos, ratings, and helpful hours and admission info. Recommendations on how much time to allow for the visit are particularly interesting for me – I’m a slow-paced visitor, so those three one-day trips are likely to take me a week to complete. This will let me plan those days perfectly. A fold-out cover becomes a map of Prague transit and the index provides lots of ways to access information. Additional sections cover where to eat and stay, and offer basic Czech phrases for the visitor.
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