My Beloved Brontosaurus, by Brian Switek (2013)

Genre: Nonfiction
Interest level: Adult
My Beloved BrontosaurusBrian Switek is not a paleontologist; he’s a science writer whose passion for dinosaurs has not abated since childhood. He gets the best of both worlds – immersed in the topic he loves, but without having to pursue a PhD (though it won’t surprise me if he does end up going that route). This book is aimed at fellow dino-fans who want to know the latest news as well as the stories behind the beasts. Whatever did happen to the old Brontosaurus we grew up with? What were Triceratops’ horns and frill for? Are there still dinosaurs around today? (Yup – technically, birds are dinosaurs. I knew they were related, but apparently they just are.) Some fun questions too: how did Stegosaurus have sex? What did Jurassic fleas look like? Switek does a great job of explaining the science and the debates still being decided. As I’m not quite the fan he is, I would have liked more charts and images of dinosaurs – I doubt I’m the only reader who has only a vague understanding, if at all, of the differences between Edmontosaurus, Hadrosaurus, Allosaurus, Apatasaurs and my new favourite name, Lambeosaurus. Great index, and while Switek doesn’t mention the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, he does include nearby Dinosaur Provincial Park in southern Alberta.
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