Interrupt, by Jeff Carlson (2013)

Genre: Science Fiction
Interest Level: Adult
InterruptFriends are often startled when they learn of my passion for disaster movies – from Poseidon Adventure to Independence Day – love ’em! So I was quite looking forward to this Netgalley title. Solar flares are spiking and causing electromagnetic pulses (EMPs), nearly sending the U.S. in a war against China when they mistake the flares for a new weapon. The flares are causing an interruption in consciousness (think Flash Forward by Robert Sawyer). Biologist Emily Flint realizes the interruptions are cognitive in nature, and that autistic people are affected differently. They are quicker to adapt to the new world, and in fact appear to be emerging as Neanderthals. It’s homo sapiens versus homo neanderthalensis all over again…. How will it end? Here’s a clue: assault rifles, grenades and Glocks aren’t enough against a tribe of Neanderthal hunters.
So it turns really silly, and sexist, with petite, blonde and blue-eyed Dr. Flint worried about her future in this cave-people world because of her looks (I kid you not), and using karate to take down armed military personnel. Between defeats by the Neanderthal hunting pack and the little biologist, Carlson doesn’t seem to have much respect for the skills of the U.S. military! Which is actually a refreshing change from the gung-ho approach found it much of this genre.
A couple of romances add some fun, and the action is non-stop. If you are a military history/weapons buff you’ll probably enjoy all the acronyms and equipment. For me, meh, made unappealing by a truly inane premise.
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