Moosewood Restaurant Favorites, by the Moosewood Collective (2013)

Genre: Nonfiction
Interest Level: Adult
Moosewood Restaurant Favorites It’s been 40 years (!!) since Moosewood Restaurant opens its doors in Ithaca, N.Y., and launched a vegetarian storm across North America. They’ve published several cookbooks featuring some 3,000 recipes, but over time the cream has risen to the top as it were, and the folks at the Moosewood Collective have compiled the top 250 most-requested recipes into a single cookbook, from a vegetarian jambalaya to vegan-friendly desserts. They have also updated them for today’s sophisticated cooks, vegan clients and trendy shoppers. The original Cream of Asparagus soup featuring butter and cream is included, but a lighter option is provided as well. The Peruvian quinoa and vegetable salad uses a grain that was unknown 40 years ago, but today is found even on small-town grocery shelves. Recipes include prep time and serving suggestions (including pages for suggested companion recipes) but, surprising to me, not nutritional data. I like to see at least information on protein and sodium!
Some recipes include notes as needed, offering helpful information for all cooks. For instance, in the recipe on French onion soup, the reader is schooled on the use of dried versus fresh thyme, and given guidance on how to make croutons.
It won’t surprise you to learn there is a chapter devoted to bean recipes: from the classic vegetarian chili to “Greek lemon-mint beans and vegetables” – a divine and inspired dish that includes artichoke hearts and fresh dill, sprinkled with feta. Follow the suggestion for serving on orzo for a dish that is at once delicious and elegant.
Sections on pasta, tofu and fish round out the main meals. Sides offer a wide range, from greens to cornbread. The chapter on salad dressings includes a Green Goddess-like “Moosewood’s Creamy Green Dressing,” as well as lighter options, such as the vegan-friendly lemon-tahini and others.
Selected colour photos provide inspiration for browsers, though most recipes are unadorned (typical of Moosewood cookbooks). The 18-page guide to basic cooking includes helpful instructions for new cooks, from how to prepared dried beans to making vegetable stock and how to grate tofu. There is an index listed in the table of contents, but it wasn’t available for the advanced galley I received via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review, so I can’t comment on it. A suitable addition to the shelves for vegetarians, vegans and health-conscious omnivores.
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