The 5th Wave, by Rick Yancey (2013)

Genre: Science Fiction
Interest Level: 13-16
The 5th WaveAn alien invasion that leaves Earth reeling from a series of attacks. Kids are our only hope, and the remaining leaders quickly develop a training base to turn them into an alien-fighting force. Sound familiar? Ender’s Game meets Twilight in this one, and it’s not to the reader’s benefit, I’m afraid.
First wave, aliens use an EMP to destroy all technology. Second wave is literally a wave – tsunamis wash away all coastal populations. Third wave is a blood-borne plague. Fourth wave is now underway – the aliens are indistinguishable from humans, sending 16-year-old Cassie on the run after they take her little brother Sam, and kill her father. They don’t know she’s still alive, and Cassie can trust no one. Until she meets Evan Walker, who first shoots her, then saves her life. Is he human? Well, he does have “yummy chocolate eyes” and so she is willing to risk her life. Meanwhile, Sammy is sent to boot camp, where he is christened Nugget and taken under the wing of squad leader Zombie, who can’t figure out why his dazzling smile, the one that got him everything he wanted before the alien invasion, no longer works for him. A genius, clearly. Relax, people, with kids like this leading the fight against the aliens, we’re good. I loved the nonstop action but the plot was weak. And it was hard to like any of these characters, with the exception of Ringer, the pissed-off teen marksman that we are sure to see more of in the next book. Yup, it’s a series. And I can’t help think that a hybrid baby will show up by Book 3 or 4 …
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