Beyond: A Ghost Story, by Graham McNamee (2012)

Genre: Mystery
Interest Level: 13 and up
Beyond: A Ghost StorySeveral times in her young life, Jane has escaped death, from electrocution to a close call with a train. This time she is fighting for her life after a horrific accident. On the edge between life and death, she can feel a malevolent being pulling at her, holding her from crossing into the warm light that waits for her. Just then, the medical staff revives her, and she is pulled back into this world. Grateful to have left it behind she just wants to move on. But what if it came with her? Just in time for Hallowe’en, this is a mystery/ghost story that will leave you with chills – deliciously creepy! Jane and her best friend Lexi are known as the Creep Sisters – Jane plays with Death, and Lexi likes to film it. McNamee chooses a wonderfully dreary setting – the rainiest part of the B.C. coast – for this supernatural tale, and presents a remarkably authentic female voice for his protagonist, I might add. He does make a couple of errors that detract – Tumbler Ridge is more than 1,000 kms from the coast, dude!) and a surgery “this week” ends up being on a Monday – but overall, I found this a terrific story that captured my attention from the outset, and never let go. A fine choice for teen or adult readers, though I’d say it’s too scary for younger readers.
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