The Cowboy and the Vampire, by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall (1999, 2014)

Genre: Horror
Interest Level: Adult
The Cowboy and the VampireOkay, where to start? This title, subtitled A Very Unusual Romance, was first published 15 years ago, prior to the madness of Twilight, and in the vein of Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire. Tucker is a Wyoming cowboy who loves his horse and his dog, and enjoys living the single life until he falls for Lizzie, a New York City reporter who shows up in LonePine, population 438, to write a story on cowboys. Neither of them realize she’s from a line of vampires, dating back to Jesus, whose purpose in life is to embody evil on earth. And sadly for their romantic plans, it’s time for Lizzie to step up and take her role as vampire queen. Get ready to laugh and cringe – the comedy is great, the horror will make you squirm. Lizzie’s nemesis is none other than her father, and it’s not just her blood he’s after. The Portland authors deliver a madcap comedy-horror that capitalizes on the best of all the genres they are mixing up. It’s kind of like a bartender suggesting you try the latest concoction that uses curry paste and cilantro leaves or something. You can’t believe it could possibly be any good, and it’s amazing. I couldn’t help enjoying this book, an absolutely guilty pleasure. Exactly like watching Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk in the cult film Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. The characters are over the top, the dialogue alternates between hilarious and horrible, and the plot is silly. So it’s not for everyone. It’s probably not for most people, in fact! But if you can get past the incest, the violence, and the blasphemy, somehow it’s a lot of fun. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you. Thanks to NetGalley for the advance reading copy of this new release of the novel, which is the first in a series, if you can believe it!
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