The Yankee Club, by Michael Murphy (2014)

Genre: Mystery
Interest Level: Adult
The Yankee ClubThe brand-new Empire State Building towers over a gritty, crime-ridden New York City where Prohibition’s hold is slowly loosening. Newly elected, Roosevelt offers hope of an end to the Depression. Retired detective and mystery writer Jake Donovan returns to his favourite haunts in the city he left two years prior, his heart broken from repeated rebuffs by the lovely Laura Wilson. She’s now engaged to a rich banker, enjoying success on the stage as well. Jake heads straight to the Yankee Club to reconnect with friends, and enemies as it turns out. When his former partner is shot, Jake determines to uncover the truth, no matter how many gangsters, corrupt cops, or power-mad rich men are in the way. Still waters run deep in the hard-boiled detective genre, and this one is no exception. There’s a lot here to enjoy, and Murphy takes full advantage of the setting, which I really appreciate as a reader. We meet sexy ruby-lipped women who swing their hips as they work the streets, Cole Porter seeking inspiration to overcome his writer’s block, elevator operators who look straight ahead and desk clerks who look the other way. The City is practically a character in this action-packed mystery, complete with bloody fights and gunshots in rain-slicked streets. Yes, the use of cheesy clichés borders on over-reliance, and some of the characters are over-the-top nasty. But the action at the end was great fun. Think the Hardy boys all grown up – everything falls into place and all the loose ends are nicely tied up, with just a hint of more adventures to come. A satisfying choice if you keep your expectations in check. Thanks to NetGalley for the advance reading copy in exchange for my review.
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