The Opposite of Maybe, by Maddie Dawson (2014)

Contemporary Fiction
Adult (ovaries a must)
The Opposite of MaybeI don’t remember requesting this book, so when it arrived from the library and I read the synopsis, I sighed. More chicklit – really? Rosie is 44 years old and a single act of unprotected sex with her lover of 15 years gets her pregnant. She thinks it’s early menopause. Meanwhile, she is struggling with Soapie, her aging grandmother who is enjoying her own romance more than Rosie is with Jonathan. Soapie needs live-in care, and invites her gardener, hunky 33-year-old Tony who needs a place to stay as his marriage has disintegrated. This may be best described as a love pentangle … Predictable plot, redeemed somewhat with likeable characters and realistic dialogue. The book is a good 150 pages longer than it should be, in my opinion, but given Rosie’s reluctance to face truths, it’s not surprising. There are better choices out there, but if you thoroughly enjoy this genre it won’t disappoint you.
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