Small-Space Vegetable Gardens, by Andrea Bellamy (2014)

Small-Space Vegetable GardensCurled up by the fire, it’s a fine time to dream of summer harvest bounties. Vancouver’s own Andrea Bellamy offers practical step-by-step guide to city gardening in just about any space. Useful for both beginners and green thumbs, she guides the eager city dweller away from yard envy and toward developing your own organic food supply. First, find space: a community garden plot, a trio of hanging baskets, a window planter, a rooftop garden or raised beds in your neighbour’s front yard. She then presents a step-by-step process of preparing the soil, assessing climate, choosing containers and plants, and nurturing them to harvest of both produce and seed. A 50-page section deals with popular food plants, with each entry including coverage of how to start it (from seed or cutting), grow it, and harvest it, along with advice on pests to watch for, suitability for containers, popular cultivars, and best choices for tiny spaces. Includes pretty full-colour pictures to inspire readers, as well as a brief but useful bibliography. The advance e-copy I received (with thanks) from NetGalley did not yet have an index but there is a page set aside for it. An excellent choice for city folks who are wanting to get into the gardening game.
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