Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project, by Daniel Douglas (2014)

Science Fiction
Truth InsurrectedHere’s a complicated, well-plotted (though occasionally overwrought) science fiction tale that will satisfy government conspiracy theorists and UFO fanatics alike. William Harrison is a former FBI agent now working as a private eye after being shot on duty, leaving him with a limp that makes it tough to chase baddies. The smoking doesn’t help much either. A series of mysterious postcards, signed only from Echo Tango, draws him into a multi-layered mystery a la X Files, involving the 1947 Roswell incident and a subsequent government coverup that led to the “accidental” deaths of five people who knew just a bit too much. A series of more recent deaths reveal the covert operation is ongoing, nearly 50 years later, and Harrison’s own family history has a closer tie to the story than he realizes. Human-alien hybrids, a determined motorcycle cop, extraterrestial technology, high-level military arrogance and political intrigue all contribute to this complicated story. It’s Douglas’ first novel, and he relies heavily on his insider knowledge of the US military and government workings. A little too heavily – it was hard to keep up with all the generals, admirals, and colonels. The book is self-published (but has caught the attention of Kirkus‘ indie review team). If it’s been published without any assistance from a professional editor, well, he did a damn good job then. It still needs some strong editing, as Douglas’ writing occasionally intrudes due to a tendency to overwork the prose. Overall, though, the plotting is fast paced and keeps the reader fully engaged, with a few surprises right at the end to make up for a fairly predictable resolution. The dialogue is occasionally stilted when driven by patriotism or arrogance, but generally is well done. My thanks to NetGalley for the advance e-galley copy in exchange for my honest review.
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