Kitchens: A Sunset Design Guide, by Karen Templer with Sarah Lynch (2013)

KitchensWhether you are planning a major kitchen renovation, hoping to spruce up your space on a budget, or just want to while away an afternoon dreaming of gleaming counters and well-organized cupboards, you’ll enjoy this objective, illustrated guide to designing the most-used space in our homes, after our beds I suppose. The design panel consists of about a dozen West Coast architects, contractors, decorators and designers, and they offer their professional views throughout the book, which numbers some 210 pages. The book is organized into nine chapters: Getting Started, which encourages homeowners to organize and prepare for the planning process, complete with a handy worksheet; Cabinets; Counters and Backsplashes; Sinks and Faucets; Appliances; Flooring; Storage and Display; Finishing Touches; and Getting It Done. The appendices include a list of resources and an adequate index. Each chapter reviews options at various price points, including greener alternatives such as refinishing or repurposing. Case studies of real-life renovation projects help develop a greater understanding of the role of architects and designers, and offer a glimpse of what is possible when experts are given a free rein. While in my view most of the projects are high-end, stock cabinets do occasionally appear in the list of supplies that help the reader “see” the project in the case study pictures. What you don’t see are actual prices, which is a shame. I understand the reluctance for numbers, but surely a range is possible – Budget, Custom; Out of the Reach of Peons – you get my drift, I think. All in all, a solid entry in a packed field by the team from Sunset, beloved here on the West Coast.
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