Bread by Mother Earth News, edited by Karen K. Will (2015)

Bread, by Mother Earth NewsI am on the hunt for a simple, tasty pizza bread recipe. We enjoy healthy homemade pizza in our home, but the crust simply falls short. Mine is bready, and I want the chewy kind. So off I headed to my local library branch to explore the shelves, and discovered a gem of a new title. In this collection, subtitled “Our Favorite Recipes for Artisan Breads, Quick Breads, Buns, Rolls, Flatbreads, and More,” Mother Earth News editor Karen Will has compiled recipes, tips and techniques for more than 150 different homemade breads, including bagels, doughnuts, and pretzels. and a welcome section for gluten-free baking. Nearly every recipe includes a full-colour photo of the final product. Each entry includes the yield (number of servings), clear step-by-step instructions, suggestions for preparation and serving, and tips for success. One example is a tip I’ve been using for years – cutting rounds for cinnamon rolls with unwaxed dental floss. If you’ve never tried it, it works brilliantly. You are welcome. Most ingredients are commonly found; when something more exotic is listed, the intro usually includes an alternative or two. Will doesn’t waste much time getting to the recipes – there’s a short section on choosing flour, oils, and fats, and that’s it. The recipes are organized by type of bread – Quick Breads (including cornbread and muffins), Yeast Breads (loaves and sourdough), Rolled Breads (biscuits, scones and buns), Flatbreads (where my pizza recipes are found, along with naan bread, focaccia and more), and Boiled & Fried Breads (hushpuppies, frybreads, pretzels and more). The final section is Gluten-Free Breads, which begins with an explanation of what gluten-free means, tips for baking, and three recipes for a GF mix that is the basis for about 20 recipes for everything from buckwheat bread to pizza dough. It ends with an excellent index that offers access by title, ingredient, and bread type. Just published in the fall, this is an excellent addition to your cookbook shelf. It’s coming to mine.


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