Quilting Is My Therapy, by Angela Walters (2016)

Quilting Is My Therapy, by Angela WaltersAs I embark on a new phase of my life, the prospect of quilting is both appealing and incredibly daunting. I love the idea of quilting – the time, patience, and frankly love that it takes to piece leftover scraps of fabric into a creation that is both beautiful and useful. The daunting part is that I’m worried I’ll never finish, or that it will look quite amateurish. So now you’ll understand why I picked up Walters’ book; in her introduction, she expresses a hope that the pictures will inspire rather than intimidate, and more to my point, she advises “don’t strive for perfection; strive for completion, remembering that a finished quilt is always better than a perfectly quilted [unfinished] one” (p.9, addition mine). She then proceeds to present about two dozen quilts she has done. For each entry she names the designer (she’s done some but not all) and then provides a short description, a picture of the finished quilt, and then two to four close-ups so you can examine the detail of the pattern and stitching. Many photos include a few brief comments on the stitching she chose and how to contributes to the finished creation. These are spectacular pieces of art – this is truly more of a coffee table quilting book than a how-to, and perhaps it won’t surprise you that I’m still feeling rather intimidated! But I’ve already bought a quilt panel so I can learn the quilting bit (the layering of batting between a cover and a backcloth, and stitching them together). Then I’ll move on to patterned quilts, and that will require a different book! This one is rather like reading a memoir of a marathoner when one is just starting jogging. But still, every journey and all that!
This book was just published last month, and the market is probably a bit small, so there isn’t a lot of discussion so far, but for future reference: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29657613


2 thoughts on “Quilting Is My Therapy, by Angela Walters (2016)

  1. What a great first “post” post, Michelle. I hope to quilt, one day, because of so many pioneer stories growing up. May the “origin” impulse that had people quilt in the first place–warmth–sustain you! Overlaid with memories of loved ones. _The Keeping Quilt_ (Patricia Polacco). Hope your journey home was safe and glorious.

    • Thank you Susanne! Travel was easy-peasy – we lucked out and dodged all snowfall. You are right – I hadn’t considered all the quilt references in my childhood books. I’m sure they are found in all the Little House and Anne books, maybe also Little Women. That may be a driver behind the impulse!

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