Duck Soup, by Jackie Urbanovic (2008)

Picture Book
Duck Soup, by Jackie UrbanovicThis delightful and comical picture book is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and is still in print – it’s easy to see why! The book was first published in 2008, when it earned a starred review from Kirkus. I recently discovered it on my library’s bookshelves and immediately fell hard for this funny and silly story that will appeal to young children. Max the Duck likes making soup and has had both hits and misses, from the yummy-sounding squash gumbo to the Cracker Barrel Cheese and Marshmallow soup. But this time, this time Max is about to create his culinary masterpiece. He tastes the soup, and it’s near perfection. He decides a little herb is all that’s needed so off he heads to the garden. Meanwhile, Max’s animal friends smell the delicious soup on the stove, and come into beg for a taste. But when Dakota the Cat looks in the pot, he sees a feather floating on top and jumps to a very wrong conclusion. Children will enjoy the joke as they watch the animals try to save their friend from what they fear is certain doom. Every line is humourous, and the full bleed illustrations will add to children’s enjoyment of the story. It is a sure bet for a family favourite, and equally a good choice for storytime, with large illustrations and text that is rich with opportunities for emotive read-aloud. The book ends a bit abruptly, but the friends are supportive and encouraging, opening up possibilities for classroom discussion too.
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