Whitewater Cooks More Beautiful Food, by Shelley Adams (2017)


Whitewater Cooks More Beautiful Food, by Shelley Adams

The first Whitewater Cooks cookbook hit the store shelves in 2005, when Fresh Tracks Cafe owner Adams responded to demand for recipes from skiers at the Whitewater Ski Resort in Nelson, B.C. The book was such a hit, and both skiers and cooks kept asking for more, resulting in a series that includes this fifth collection of  recipes for gorgeous-looking food that is delicious, nutritious and simple to make at home. Our small but mighty Grand Forks & District Public Library has a Cook the Books Club in which participants make a recipe and bring it to the meeting for sharing and discussing. This month’s theme was Whitewater Cooks, and the result was amazing. We all remarked on how tasty everything was, but also how easy the recipes were to make with ingredients most of us had at hand. We also like how flexible the recipes are. The Glory Dressing works with the glory bowl (recipe in the first book) as well as on a traditional salad of greens.  My Rustic Tomato Tarts from Whitewater Cooks at Home makes an appearance in this book as a version with Caramelized Onions.  This edition has 65 recipes, organized into Starters & Sides, Salads, Lunches & Dinners, and Desserts. Some were inspired by food tasted on the road and “whitewaterized” into versions that are simple to make, giving you more time to enjoy being with family and friends. All the recipes appear on the left-hand page with a stunning full-bleed photograph on the right of a two-page spread. I love photos with recipes; it inspires me to try it, and it also gives me a sense of what the final product should look like. It doesn’t always work out, but odds are pretty good you’ll succeed with Whitewater recipes! The full-colour photos add to the cost of production, so these books are pricey at about $35 Cdn, but trust me; they are sure to become go-to books on your shelf. I’m delighted with the recipes for Potato Stacks and Conner’s Carrots; reviews of the Spicy Prawn Curry are great, and I’ll also be trying the Melon Salad. One complaint – the “index” is nothing more than a table of contents for each section, listing the recipes within the section alphabetically.  A complete index would be so much more useful, though at least each recipe’s main ingredient is highlighted in bold text, making it easier to find what you are looking for. More discussion and reviews of this book: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36951583



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